After spending over thirty years alongside Yves Saint Laurent to whom she brought her inimitable fantasy, taste, and iconic bohemian chic, Loulou de la Falaise launched her own brand and her celebrated jewelry.

Our jewellery is hand made, in a Paris atelier using exceptional workmanship and know-how.

The metal work is similar to that of precious jewellery, and the use of poured glass offers a multitude of color combinations which allows us to propose a palette to suit all your fancies and adapt to all seasons.


Today Ariel de Ravenel her longtime friend and collaborator continues this tradition reissuing her jewelry both in faithful reproductions and updated creations which incorporate pâte de verre, pearls and semi-precious stones. All jewelry is handmade in Paris.

“I have always had a passion for accessories and for jewellery in particular.
When I first met Loulou de la Falaise I was immediately fascinated by her inimitable style.
Later I had the good fortune of being able to work by her side and share extraordinarily inspiring and joyful creative moments.
We worked together both in her Paris studio and on many trips which took us to different horizons, but my most wonderful memories always take me back to the magic of our times spent together in India where we fully lived our mutual passion, Color !
This is why when Loulou left us I quite naturally wanted to perpetuate her name by either reissuing her creations, or endeavoring to create pieces which reflect her spirit as faithfully as possible with forever love and admiration.”